About Us


The STARwrap is a patented soft tissue active release tool invented and developed by Tait Yoder. Tait holds a degree in Sports Medicine from the University of New Mexico and has over a decade of experience in sports massage therapy.
He presented STARwrap at the 2017 Perform Better Summit, and leads Progressive Muscle Recovery (PMR) clinics around the country for health and wellness professionals. Tait has also led workshops and clinics at local gyms, fitness training facilities, massage schools, youth athletic clubs, physical therapy clinics, and for professional sports teams.
His approach to soft tissue manipulation began with his study of sports medicine at the University of New Mexico. After receiving his degree, he attended massage school and received licensure in New Mexico. He followed the path of specialization in soft tissue manipulation at the Florida School of Massage where he completed programs in sports massage, structural integration, and integrative massage and personal training.
He entered the professional realm as a sports massage therapist when he went to work with the University of North Carolina's Men's & Women's Soccer, Swim, & Tennis teams. He also was recruited by Duke University as a staff member with their Track & Field team. His understanding of restrictive pain patterns, causes of postural imbalances, and biomechanics of an athlete’s performance gives his clients an expert touch that will move them on the road towards optimal health.
This experience, coupled with his passion for helping athletes perform at their peak provides a results-driven massage experience for Tait's clients.