Tait Yoder - Inventor of STARwrap

Tait Yoder is a leading Physical Therapist with over 15 years of professional experience, who has worked with World Cup winning Athletes and for some of the Countries best Universities. He has spent over a decade researching and developing the STARwrap (Soft Tissue Active Release) to give users the ability to get professional level muscle recovery, at their convenience. He designed three activators to mimic his hands' most common shapes during a physical therapy massage. 


As elite athletes we all know how pressure points and muscle therapy can relieve tension in order for the body to be loose and the STARwrap is perfect for that... If you're an athlete, you need the STARwrap to make sure you're performing at the best of your ability at all times.

Kevin Biggers, USA Track and Field Olympian

The STARwrap has been incredibly useful for me when it comes to recovery. Sometimes we don't get the proper care that we need so we have to be diligent and creative in order to remain healthy, and STARwrap allows me to do so while on the go and still get those massage therapy results. 

Devon Sandoval, Professional Soccer Player for New Mexico United